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Stops that Time Forgot

This page is dedicated to those stops that for some reason or other seem to have been forgotten by the people who installed or moved them.

This is a combo MTA (#236)/LADOT (#573) at Balboa Bl and Sherman Way, (San Fernando Valley) taken in late 1991 when LADOT extended its #573 into Santa Clarita. But they forgot to mark it as a LADOT route!
(As of now, LADOT #573 no longer runs to Santa Clarita, as it has been replaced by a Santa Clarita Transit route)
Picture & Text by C. Hobbs.

This yellow triangular sign looks like it could be one of the old SCRTD signs. before they were replaced by the square signs with the route numbers in 1981(??)
But this sign is located where no SCRTD route (or any other public transit bus route, to my knowledge) ever operated.
This sign is located on the corner of Barrington/Navy in West Los Angeles, near a UCLA faculty housing complex. Ostensibly it is used by a shuttle bus system to/from the campus. The close-up shows the yellow sign, with the RTD logo possibly obscured by masking tape?
Picture & Text by C. Hobbs.

This round bus stop sign, located at Chapala and Anapamu in Santa Barbara, was used for a City-operated parking lot shuttle around 1985-1988 or so. Eventually, when the shuttle service was operated by SBMTD in late 1988, the routes were changed and this stop forgotten. The new VISTA Coastal Express bus stops here, though.
Picture & Text by C. Hobbs.

This one had us going crazy in late 1993. OCTD (the Orange County, CA transit authority then) was extending service to El Monte to connect with RTD #270?
No! The shelter company moved this particular shelter out of Orange County and into El Monte for some reason or another, but forgot to remove the OCTD sign...
Picture & text by C. Hobbs.

OK, the MTA stop looks familiar here at Topanga Cyn and Lassen (San Fernando Valley), but what are those other signs?
Well, the faded red sign is from a Santa Clarita commuter route that was implemented shortly after the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. That route has since been rerouted to serve other streets. But the sign remains, forgotten.
A bit more of a mystery is the "Great American Stageline" bus stop sign just below the two other signs. Great American Stageline is an airport bus that runs between Ventura County and LAX, stopping along US-101 in Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, and Woodland Hills. They do have authority to stop in Chatsworth (at this location), as well as in Moorpark and Simi Valley on an "on-call" basis (e.g. 10 or more passengers reserving in advance to get on or off). So far, I have yet to see one of their buses at Topanga and Lassen...
Pictures & text by C. Hobbs.

This stop is located at 1st and Gaffey, in San Pedro. It is served by LADOT #142, which operates between San Pedro and Long Beach via the Vincent Thomas Bridge.
This route had been served by many operators over the years, with Long Beach Transit operating it for a while until 1983, when the route was taken over by the City of Los Angeles due to a funding dispute between the two cities. Long Beach Transit again took over the route (with some City of LA funding?) in 1989 as their #142. LBT installed their blue bus stop signs along the route in San Pedro.
In 1992, the City of Los Angeles took over the line, using LADOT Commuter Express buses, retaining the #142 number. But they didn't change the signs, just deleted the part where they said "Long Beach Transit". These blue signs are still used by this route, although LADOT promises to replace them someday...
Picture & text by C. Hobbs.

These two stops were part of a whole series of signs that were still in the field over 3 months after a major reorganization of routes by SamTrans.  These are located at Pigeon Point on Hwy. 1.

This stop, located on Flower just west of Temple, was used by the first LADOT "Commuter Express" bus route (Encino-Los Angeles) in 1985. When LADOT took over several SCRTD routes in 1987, they simply used the SCRTD (now MTA) bus stops with "Commuter Express" pasted just above the route number. The Encino-Los Angeles route was absorbed into Line #423, and the old Commuter Express bus stops were removed in favor of the SCRTD stops. But this one remains...
(I have absolutely no clue what the "No Friends" sign is all about, though)  Picture & Text by C. Hobbs.

Revised:  October 29, 2004

These three pictures are from a WWW site that claims to be a tour of the dead zone around Chernobyl.  The one top left is in Belarus, the other two are in the Ukraine.

If true, there are obvious reasons these bus stops were forgotten.

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