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Rogue Valley Transit District provides service to Medford and the surrounding area.  Their WWW site

The Bus Stops

This stop is located at Riverside and McAndrews in Medford.  Picture by G. Araki.

The shelter located at this stop.  Picture by G. Araki.

Close up of the two signs they attached to the shelter.  Picture by G. Araki.

A lot of districts are installing Bike Racks.  G. Araki

One style of garbage can in use by Rogue Valley Transit.  Picture by G. Araki.

The bench they use inside the shelters.  G. Araki

Some new pictures of the stop above with the new signs installed.  New pictures also taken by G. Araki.

This stop is at Black Oak and Greenbrook.  Note the bench and the Solar light on the pole.  They also have a new sign.  Found by G. Araki.

The bus stop in front of the Rogue Valley Mall.  G. Araki braved the elements to get this one.

Stop on Tolman Creek Road in Ashland, OR - taken Sept. 13, 2005. Shows new standard Ashland residential neighborhood bus stop with concrete pad, bench and latest RVTD sign (and in the background, curious neighbors wondering what the photographer is doing).  Picture & text by P. Nicholson.

Looking at the mall rom the stop at left.  Looks like they need a snow blower.  Picture by G. Araki.

Stop on Siskiyou Boulevard in Ashland, OR outide La Casa del Pueblo Restaurant across from Southern Oregon University - taken Sept. 13, 2005. Shows latest RVTD sign, sign pole with seating, trash can, bike lane, and the new Siskiyou Boulevard streetscape in general.  Picture & text by P. Nicholson.

Conversation circle at the Rogue Valley Medical Ctr.  Found by G. Araki.

Sign on bus shelter at Bellview Rd. and Siskiyou Blvd. in Ashland, OR - photo taken June 14, 2004. Shortly after RVTD introduced their new sign. This is in neighborhood with lots of student housing for Southern Oregon University.  Picture & text by P. Nicholson.

Medford Transit Center - A couple of pictures from the Transit Center by G. Araki.

Medford Transit Center (with bus) - Taken Sept. 8, 2005.  Picture by P. Nicholson.

The Buses - A few bus pictures by G. Araki.

RVTD Bus - Taken Sept. 8, 2005 at the Medford Transit Center.  Picture by P. Nicholson.

Revised: September 2, 2006

Transit Center in Medford with Buses.  Pictures by G. Araki.

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