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The Regional Transit Commission provides bus service, called, Citifare, to the cities of Reno and Sparks, as well as other parts of Washoe County.  They also seem to have recently started up Commuter service to Carson City called Pride.

The Bus Stops

This stop is located at 4th & Galletti in Sparks.  G. Araki

One style of shelter they use.  Picture by G. Araki.

Benches inside a custom shelter in Sparks.  G. Araki

A close up of one of their regular signs.  G. Araki

A shelter mounted trash can.  Picture by G. Araki.

The back of a custom shelter in Sparks.  G. Araki

Well, at least they don't call it DASH.  New shuttle running around Reno found by G. Araki.

One way they put information at bus stops.  G. Araki

This seems to be the style of bench they use.  G. Araki

Yes they do put bus stops at casinos.  G. Araki.

Regional Transit Center - A few pictures of the downtown transit center in Reno.  Pictures by G. Araki.

Citistation Transit Center, Sparks, NV. Pictures by G. Araki.

The Buses and Other Vehicles

These pictures by G. Araki.

Five pictures of Gilligs and a Neoplan Artic operated by RTC courtesy of C. Sandberg.

A mix of Gillig, NovaBus and Neoplans.  Also caught one of the Sierra Spirit buses.  Pictures by C. Sandberg.

Revised: April 12, 2006

Another mixed bag of buses by C. Sandburg.  At this rate we are going to have the entire fleet.

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